A ShawKeane Adventure
In August of 2011 I married the wonderful Lauren Keane.

in January of 2012 Lauren and I pulled up stakes in Washington, DC. We are moving to San Francisco via a 6-month trek through SE Asia. Follow our meanderings on our blog

National Geographic Weekend
In July of 2007 I began a radio production job with National Geographic. I am the executive producer for an exciting new weekly talk-show hosted by Boyd Matson. It airs every weekend on over 100 commercial radio stations around the country.

I have also been playing pan (steel drums) with Panmasters. I played with them during the DC Caribbean Carnival.

I recently purchased a day-sailor for weekends on the Chesapeake Bay. It's a fun little boat called Wyvern.

Recent Travel

Rapa Nui
When Laura Boyd, a colleague of mine, told me she was going to Rapa Nui (also known as Easter Island) and asked me if I wanted to come along I had to think about it... for about two nano-seconds. So, in March of 2008 I spent two wonderful weeks on the island with Laura and her two dear friends Scott and Linda. The fact that Laura used to live in Rapa Nui opened many doors. We hung with the locals, went hiking, scuba diving, snokeling, surfing! And spent plenty of time at the beach.

During the first week of May in 2007 I headed to Seattle for a friends wedding. The celebration coincided with my brother's one week of vacation from his first year as family medicine resident at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. So we decided to take a week, fly to the Big Island of Hawaii and stay with our friend Sammy Stanbro. We had a wonderful time exploring the island and the surrounding water, snorkeling almost every day, swimming with dolphins, hiking over lava and feeding the geckos.

X-Country 2006
In the spring of 2006 my brother Jonathan moved to Portland Oregon to begin his family medicine residency at Oregon Health and Science University. I took 10 days to drive with him, taking the northern route across the U.S.A.

My brother spent his 5th year of medical school in Guatemala. He had a wonderful time working on studies for the CDC, helping out in rural clinics and in a Hospital near lake Atitlan that was subsequently destroyed by a mud slide. In November 2005, my parents and I joined him in Central America for a not so traditional Thanksgiving.

In August 2005, I joined my parents who were sailing aboard their boat Dovka in Croatia. Croatia is usually hot and over-crowded with Germans In the summer. It was crowded but the weather was lovely.

A Trip to Turkey
I spent July of 2003 in Turkey. I sailed the Mediterranean coast with my parents aboard their boat Dovka. And I hiked the fantastic coutryside with my brother.

Baggywrinkle: Carribbean Blue Water Cruise
In 2001 Miranda Middleton and I spent 10 months cruising through the Caribbean aboard Baggywrinkle, my 33-foot sloop. View photos and logs from this fabulous trip. (Click link above for the Blog I kept while sailing. A shorter photo overview of trip is available here.)





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