I am a storyteller and a communications expert with a passion for science and technology.

I've created television, radio and multimedia projects for the National Geographic Society.

I conceived and created the nationally syndicated radio program called National Geographic Weekend to introduce our scientists and explorers and their phenomenal work, to a broader audience.

I've had the opportunity to explore some remote places, including Alaska, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), and Mongolia.

The harsh Mongolian climate, extreme geography, lack of roads, rusty Russian vans, and plentiful vodka made Mongolia a challenging place to work. I produced two television pieces there for National Geographic's Wild Chronicles. The first focused on the rise of gold mining and a nascent environmental movement trying to guard against the most harmful practices.

The second piece looked at the world's only remaining truly wild horses. Once extinct in the wild, Takhi (or Przewalski horses, as they are known in the West) are being reintroduced into Mongolia from zoos around the world. Bringing these creatures back from the brink of extinction wasn't easy, and involved everything from flying horses to reverse vasectomies.

I regularly blogged for the National Geographic News website about such varied topics as solar-powered lightbulbs and bear urine (a post that went viral when it was picked up by BoingBoing.) I interviewed a man fighting to save orangutans in Borneo. While huddled over a cup of hot chocolate, north of the Arctic Circle, I wrote about an ice tunnel to the past.

I also worked with National Geographic Traveler magazine, writing for the magazine and its blog and recording sound for its iPad app. In April, 2011, I wrote a short article on sailing, drawing on my many years of ocean sailing experience.

As a public radio reporter on Capitol Hill, I covered the military, science and technology. On occasion, I had an opportunity to do longer, documentary style pieces. Sometimes it's hard to get even thirty-seconds with a lawmaker; they are continuously running from votes to hearings to fundraising events. But I was lucky enough to spend an entire day with Congressman Henry Waxman of California. I reported and produced this Day In The Life story for KPCC, Southern California Public Radio.

Feel free to delve into the details of my work history.

I love a good adventure, especially when it involves sailing. I've been lucky enough to sail across the Pacific, skipper my own boat through the Caribbean, cruise the coastline of Vancouver Island, and brave the Meltemi winds of the Mediterranean.

I took an amazing trip to Rapa Nui (Easter Island). More recently, I spent seven months traveling through New Zealand and Southeast Asia with my wife. You can find out more about that adventure on the Shawkeane.com blog.

I am continuously developing my photography skills. View a slideshow or click on any of the thumbnails below to see the full image.